Monday, May 01, 2006

Sun And The City

It was not as early as I would have liked it to be, but nonetheless I was out of bed and into my gym clothes. The sun was beaming into my bedroom window like it was bragging about just how beautiful it was outside and the fact that I should have gotten up earlier seeing as though I didn’t even go out last night. Laces tied, t-shirt and I was out the door. However not to the gym quite yet, it was really, really nice out…Maybe a stroll around the block and a coffee were in order first?

As I strolled down Third Avenue, in my gym attire no less I was fighting through one of the best signs that the warm weather is here to stay…a street fair. These weekend events that bounce from neighborhood to neighborhood are always the same no matter their location. The tents line the street selling everything from dress socks to roast corn-on-the-cob. This eclectic group of people is always moving from street side to street side hoping the weather is always permitting. I think it’s safe to say these people and their tents are only a Ferris wheel away from being carnies.

After dodging about three or four different tents selling smoothies, I finally made my way to Fourbucks, AKA Starbucks. As I waited in line I noticed two different groups of attractive women scattered about the store/living room. One group looked to be studying while the other looked to be discussing the previous night’s activities. (One was definitely sporting a big bed-head motif)

Once I had ordered and paid for my grande cappuccino I did as we all do once we know we’ve done our part. I moved to the side and waited for my order to be called. It was around 11am so there was definitely an abundant amount of caffeine sliding across that poor counter top. With yet another twosome of twenty-somethings walking in as I made my way out of the store I decided that the coffee is not the hottest thing Starbucks has to offer. My coffee breath and I will certainly have to return to this location in search of a not-so-tall, mocha latte, with brains too!

The better part of my afternoon was spent laying around Central Park on a day I hope the Board of Tourism was not out and about for…After all if there was any footage of the grand lawn at 2pm this afternoon, and that footage made its way to the Internet, the city would be overrun with hoards of people looking to enjoy the life style that this city offers.

It literally looked like a movie set all afternoon. There were cute young couples, dressed in their bright spring colors and their beautiful babies with camp setups that made M*A*S*H* look like a Boy Scout’s campsite. They had blankets, baskets, toys, strollers, and those were just for the mini human that was not as big as a loaf of marble rye. They had their own tools of the trade too. There was the huge bag from Dean & Deluca that carried a spread of cheeses, olives, and a chilled bottle of white wine to enjoy as the sun was just warm enough and the breeze was just cool enough.

Normally the abundance of couples and their constant showing of affection drives me crazy but I had my fair share of company today. I had a girlfriend of mine I hadn’t hung out with, just the two of us that is, in way too long. We stopped for sandwiches and drinks and even a couple of cookies at a deli on 83rd and park before we ventured into the park. We work very well together…so much so the store clerk, a fiery gray haired man said how lucky we were to have each other. A compliment we just ate up and acted as though we had heard a million times before…Hell for Mr. Single it was great to at least act like I had a lil lady friend for the day!

We lay around for hours, joking and mostly talking about the hundreds of people that surrounded us. We ate our lunches, never even cracked open our books, and simply enjoyed each other’s company. I think a great sign of a solid relationship, friendship or romantic is not if you can continue to always have seamless conversation but if you’re completely comfortable with the silence in between those conversations…

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