Thursday, April 06, 2006

Weather Permitting

So it’s official, Mother Nature is Schizophrenic! She’s got more personalities than Helen Keller has bruises on her shins. I have never in my 24 years on this planet witnessed a day like yesterday. Talk about all over the place. I wore suit, no tie, yesterday to work because of a client meeting and right before I said good bye to Matt and Katie, I checked with Al to see what the weather was like outside. “37 degrees, are you kidding me, it’s fucking April!”

Nevertheless, I grabbed my overcoat and headed out the door. I did however leave behind my scarf and gloves in very docile form of protest to the morning’s conditions. Once I made my way up Third Avenue, I noticed it was already warming up and that most people seemed to be far less layered than myself. “So I’m the asshole, who’s over dressed and not willing to let go of winter huh?” I could see it in the eyes of each passing body. The sun was shining and it actually looked and started to feel like a spring day in the city.

However, right before a late morning meeting someone pointed out that it looked like it was snowing outside. “What?” I sprang out of my chair and did everything short of press my nose against the glass, ala ‘that doggie in the window’ style. And I’ll be damned if it wasn’t snowing, big chunks of snow, the kind you see in the dead of winter, certainly not after the start of baseball season. I though to myself, “so who’s the asshole know, huh.”

That meeting was immediately followed by lunch with the client. To her request we headed to an Indian (Dot, not feather) restaurant near our office. This made me a little nervous as I have never really eaten Indian food due to the spiciness of what I’ve heard is every single dish. I’m a wuss, big time, when it comes to food with a kick. But what was I to do, she really wanted to go. “Sure, that sounds great, I love Indian food” I said as we headed for the lobby of our building.

Through the revolving doors and into what was now a steady drizzle. The client and another woman I was with were both well equipped, umbrellas in hand. Yours truly was not, not only did I not have an umbrella, I didn’t think I needed my overcoat because the snow had stopped, so of course I didn’t grab it. “I can’t catch a break today!”

Luckily the spicy spot was very close to our office and I managed to stay semi-dry. The place was nice, white table cloths, linen napkins so I figured I would be ok. Then I noticed it was a buffet. An Indian buffet? This was not such a good thing because even though each item while lying in a large stainless steel, heated dish, had a name plate in front of it, I could not pronounce let alone identify anything.

I followed our client as she took a little of this, and some of that…I just tried to do exactly as she did. I wasn’t going to take any chances. I’ve seen “Forget Polly” and what that was like for Ben Stiller’s character. I started with small bites, cautiously dipping meats into colorful sauces. Not bad, not bad at all.

We had to eat quickly, which was fine by me because as the server dropped the check, I felt a rumble and grumble from down under. “Well, are we all set?” I asked the table as to say, “we gotta get the hell out of here now kids, this place is gonna blow!” I don’t know if it was the chicken, the beef, or the insane amount of curry, but you can bet yours truly was in a hurry to get back to the office.

The weird weather occurrence on the way home was the strangest of them all. These large, although light looking pieces of snow just started cascading down from the sky. We couldn’t tell if they were coming off the tops of buildings or what, but they just kept coming, one after another. And here I am, the asshole again without an umbrella.

The rest of the day flew by and so did the bad weather. By the time it was time to call it a day, the sun was shining, still a bit cool, but nice as can be, and still overcoat weather. That Mother Nature sure is one crazy bitch!

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