Thursday, March 30, 2006

Things that are just different in NYC:

*Women will carry bags from designer stores around for months with their day to day stuff in them…shoes, magazines, etc
*Asking how much someone pays in rent is totally legitimate and by no means rude
*There are still places that do not take debit
*Having a beer or cocktail happens more times than not
*People at restaurant counters say “stay or to go” instead of “for here or to go”
*Restaurants never, and I mean never forget to give you napkins and the necessary condiments
*People use a straw to drink out of soda can
*Snapple is everywhere
*There’s a good chance the woman you’re talking to makes more than you do
*Matinee movies are made up of 85% people by themselves
*We don’t drive, we’re driven (oh, that’s deep)

Thought I’d try something different today…

Thanks for listening


At 11:30 AM , Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

The exchange rate: $20 in NYC = $1 everywhere else. In other words, you go through $20 bills like they're a buck.

New Yorkers won't flinch at walking 20 blocks but anywhere else, you repark the car or hail a cab for anything more than 7 blocks. Admittedly, I've reparked for the sake of 2 blocks.

Fun and observant post.

Have a swell weekend, kiddo!


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