Thursday, March 16, 2006

Spring Fling

The sun wise shining and spring seemed to be here to stay just a few short days ago. Looking outside, it looks like it’s warm and sunny. However, like so many other women, Mother Nature is not what she appears. There’s a brisk wind that makes my cheeks red for 15 minutes after I’ve arrived at the office, and a mercury point that still merits gloves and a scarf. Now, granted this is an odd time of the year when people are breaking out their sunglasses prematurely because they have been hibernation for months!

The month of March is here and I love it. Between St. Patty’s day, March Madness, and the official start of Spring, what’s not to love? Today will surely be a crazy one at work, only to be outdone by tomorrow’s festivities. I will surely have more than enough material to carry the weekends post along…

Thanks for listening


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