Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Friends Talk Free

When or why do we decide to stop staying in touch with people?  Friends, family, ex’s, people that played pivot roles in our past that are now merely taking up space in cell phones.  When do friends lose their status of just that, and become ‘contacts’ on our desktops? I know the transformation takes longer for some, but it seems to happen all too frequently.

I worked another 15 hour day today, but left feeling good about the day.  It was long, no questions asked but I got done what needed to get done!  As I walked home in what is going to be the nice night of the week, I decided to give the old phone book a gander.  

As it was after 11, I figured it may be a great chance to get in touch with some of my friends back in AZ.  I started to scroll, one of the first names to pop up, starts with an “A” (no kidding right) I contemplated making the call. Yeah, I miss her, she’s a beautiful person that is doing really well for herself back in AZ.  However, I haven’t spoken to her in months, at least.  So I think to myself, do I have that much in me?  That’s terrible no?

I truly enjoy talking to this girl on the few chances we actually catch each other live but now, what, I’m too tired or just not as interested as I used to be to hear how her life is going?  I felt like a really shitty friend.  Was I too busy now, was that my excuse, that I hadn’t kept in touch…Or was it just growing up or growing apart?

I’m not naive enough to think that I will ever replace, or even try to, the friends I left in AZ.  It was college, everyone was friends.  But the closest ones are a large part that I am who I am today.  I know as we grow older, we sadly enough become a bit more cynical with each passing year.  We choose not be befriend people as easy as we once did, at the same time we so easily let go of the once we once kept so close.

I guess this could be a mini ‘call to arms’ in the fight to stay close to the ones who did or still do matter.  In order to not become just another number or contact, you’ve got to matter to someone!  I know we cannot make a difference or impact with every ‘friend request’ but it sure wouldn’t be a bad thing to think about it.  

I am sleep deprived and feel this may have turned real sappy around the 3rd word, so I apologize.  I hope to be back to my normal self tomorrow.

Thanks for listening


At 1:33 PM , Blogger K said...

Hi--this post was very inspiring--makes me want to call all my old friends!

I loved my Gotham class--I took fiction with Peter Selgin--and I say it's totally worth it!


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