Monday, February 27, 2006

Collateral Damage

The last 48 hours have taken me to the battlefields and back again.  I have seen the scars of those left behind, those wounded by the enemy, and those still suffering from a war that has made them awarded veterans.  I have not been watching too much CNN coverage or become engulfed in live MSNBC feeds, I have simply met great soles, good people, friends of mine, who deserve better…

I, as I mentioned in the previous post have more times than I’d care to admit been the shoulder to cry on once relationships have come to their end.  The rhymes and reasons that brought these relationships are not important.  The places and faces of these plays need not be exposed because their performances are timeless and universal.

I have in such a short time period met, spoken, and seen the results of relationships gone bad.  I am not making light of heartbreak or discomfort felt by anyone I have encountered because I write to do anything but that…If it were not for their experiences, my thoughts and fingers would not be moving as fast as they are…that I know for a fact.

The way we as people, are able to be hurt by one another, I will never understand.  How can someone who brought some much good to someone deliver so much pain so quickly?  The fight, phone call, or letter may have take so little time, but its power reaches farther than anyone can see.  The damage done by someone who seemed to care so dearly at one point makes the strength of their blow that much more of a deep impact.  These types of wounds as I have had the chance to witness lately last much longer than the means of their delivery.  

I don’t think I am being sexist in saying that these confrontations that are shear means to the inevitable end linger longer with women than men.  I am probably wrong, but women keep the wounds open and allow them to be seen by others.  Men probably keep their injuries hidden and seek treatment in all the wrong places.  This is probably one of the biggest differences between the two…

The hurt and the damage done by others before me, have used their weapons of mass destruction to leave a mark not easily repaired.  That is not to say unfixable or eternally broken, it only says the remedy will be hard to find and take longer to work.  I only hope now that I am bed side to those hurt, I  have never handed someone this type of pain, as I would never wish this heartfelt recovery on anyone.  

It is again these battles and the wounds the come with those very same wins and losses that may keep me on watch tower and not the battlefield. I only hope that is not the case.  I don’t think it is, only because playing in a great story is always better than watching one, now matter the outcome.

Thanks for listening


At 1:38 AM , Blogger swandad said...

Well Said My Friend....

At 10:07 AM , Blogger Just Some Guy said...

Thank you sir!


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