Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Weather Wonderland

There is just something right about starting your week on Tuesday.  I’m not sure exactly why it feels so damn good but it just does…It’s like eating cookie dough out of the tightly wrapped casing, you know it’s not complete, or even close to being done, but the taste of perfection is just what you need.

The bitter wind and cold temperatures that made their way into the city over the weekend are still lingering around with no sign of departing any time soon.  This is especially felt when it comes to making that 10 block walk to work in the morning.  Some how in the summer it would take me 25 minutes to get to work, not so much in the winter.  The summer walk is full of beautiful weather and even more beautiful women.  However, the winter is a different story, the winter is like the Cliff’s Notes version of my commute—all facts, no bullshit, just me waking as fast as humanly possible, head down, hands in pockets, mind focused on nothing other than walking into that warm lobby.  

This city can be so one sided sometimes that those days of summer or even spring seem impossible.  How could streets that are so cold now become so steaming hot in only a matter of months?  They will though, this is just one of its phases.  We all go through similar phases.  Without sound overly hippy-like, I think I’m going just as this years weather patterns.  I feel good right now, not at my best, but certainly ready for a change.  There are elements in my life that I hope blossom into something when the days are longer and the temperatures are higher.  Albeit, work, women, or everything else, I know change is soon to come…Warm, sunny walks to the office are only a short time away…change is a good thing, change is something I will embrace…

Thanks for listening


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