Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Barnum and Bailey

This City of Silence was gone this morning.  Its quiet whiteness had all too soon been transformed into shear craziness.  There may not have been lions, tigers, or bears but it was a Circus on the way to work this morning.  Being a native Floridian and most recently living in Arizona, (Average yearly temp: 76 degrees) it’s days like these that make it just a bit more difficult see the silver lining of this great city. Or so you’d think…

After throwing on one too many layers I headed off to work about 8:15 this morning.  The sun was shining and the snow was still white enough to enjoy and not despise. In only a few days it will have morphed into this dark brown, icy in some places, slushy in others, unavoidable trap.  I only have about a ten block walk to work every morning.  It’s a little less than half a mile.  But this morning was just a little different from most others.  Everyone was so careful and so cautious with every step.  There were people leaping, people walking sideways, people going heal-toe, heal-toe, people with umbrellas, even people with sunglasses.  It was obvious that no one knew exactly what the right mix of attire, paths, or accessories would work best today.  I was no longer a Winter Wonderland.  Snow White had become the bearded lady over night.  

I have to admit I was never a big fan of the circus growing up.  A lot of that may have to do with growing up 25 minutes away from Walt Disney World.  However, what I do remember about Disney was how many times you’d change you mind about which ride, show, or character was your favorite.  First it was Space Mountain, only to find out that two hours later (all of which was spent waiting in line) that you liked Thunder Mountain the best.  You left the park wanting to be a cartoonist only to have the wave of excitement that goes with wanting to be a Marine Biologist (who didn’t want to be a Marine Biologist at one time or another) knock you over while at Sea World two days later.  My point is how often we were allowed to change what we wanted to be, what we liked and disliked, and where we wanted to go.

Do we out grow that feeling?  Does it fade away as our bodies start to change?  Does it last until we come across a cynical burnt out, never made it big college professor?  If we do in fact lose this, should we? I only ask because I know I haven’t lost it yet.  I want to, trust me, it sure would make life a lot easier.  I wrote an entry last week about the “high” I get when doing improv and that I’m not sure if that same feeling is possible in my 4X4 cube.  

However, I read a great article (Business Week) this weekend about Judy McGrath, the CEO of the MTV networks.  She, like myself, although 30 years prior, came to New York by herself to make it, and to make it big!  She first worked in print, but for the most part has spent her entire career making MTV what it is today.  She just sounds like she’s got it figured out… There are great stories in the article of food fights in the office, great deals she’s closed, and even how she makes sure she’s home (to her brownstone on the UWS) at a decent hour for her daughter.  It went on to explain that she’s the only person who has a great depth of knowledge as it pertains to English literature and the ins and outs of West Coast Vs East Coast rappers.  If that’s not finding balance I don’t know what is…I guess it was just great to see there is hope, there our people who are great at what they do because they love it and not the other way around!

*Sorry if this post is all over the board, I think the snow is getting to me.

Thanks for listening


At 11:49 AM , Blogger Sarah said...

I hear ya! I feel like snow discombobulates me!


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