Monday, February 06, 2006

Super Brawl

Open bar on Super Bowl Sunday, for free? Now that's just mad! Yes, it's true, I spent the better part of Sunday eyes glued to the flat screen and butt glued to the stool. My local watering hole where I watch football at every weekend had a great deal for the game. It was $40 bucks open bar if you just walked in off for the street. However, it was free if you were or are a regular. Now that's just something that doesn't happen often enough. A little customer appreciation goes a long long way in my eyes or liver in this case.

(To find out more about this wonderful place, check out the blog listed to the write as The Diary of Third and Long)

As for the game and deciding who to cheer for I was torn. Who doesn't want to see Coach Cower finally get a ring, who doesn't want to see The Bus ride into retirement with the Lombardi trophy riding shotgun? However, it's always great to root for the underdog, the the Seahawks! For whatever reason there are a lot of Steelers fans at Third and Long on a regular basis. I will admit that probably played a role in my cheering for the Black and Yellow more times than not.

This was one of the first years I have watched the game in or at a bar instead of someone's house. I'm not sure which one I like better. It's great having an entire bar to pick your poison from and not to mention the other random patrons you may meet. But the comfort of someone's home allows you to hear the commercials that will be talked about at every water cooler in every office the next day. I wish I would have seen more, but the ones I saw were good, not great.

I was going to take today off, but decided after waking a little later than usual and not being able to get back to sleep, to come in into work. Luckily the day has been pretty quiet so far...I hope it continues that way, it would be great to get this week off to a nice smooth start. The rest of the week will surely be crazy at work...

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