Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy Endings

After a monsterous mid week, my time to take it easy, take a load off, rest my eyes if you will, finally came on Friday night. I almost feel like I’m in college again. Back in my years at Arizona State, Friday nights were usually one of the quietest nights of the week. I mean you had been going strong for probably 3-4 nights by the time ‘TGIF’ rolled around.

After what was another long day at work, due largely in part to my stick-in the mud, doesn’t have a straight answer in her body-boss decided to once again prologue her decision on my raise and title. That is just how I wanted to round out my week at 4:30 sitting in her office…It is circumstances like these that make a show like “The Office” so eerily accurate. It sounded as if she was quoting lines from “Office Space” maybe; “I’ve put in the request to HR, but you know how they are with their forms being done correctly, so I had to redo it a few times. We should have an answer by some time mid spring, 2007.”

My walk home from work was nicer than usual. We’re getting unseasonable warm weather of late and I love it. For some reason Third Avenue seemed soft and quiet last night. The usual hustle and bustle was no where to be found…even the bars that are big happy hour bars, that would normally have herds of drunk co-workers making irresponsible decisions, seemed to be at an all time low. Maybe it wasn’t just me the last few nights in the city, maybe in fact it was the rest of the city trying to keep up with me?

My only mission on the way home was a request from my roommate who was home hung over, hating the world all day to pick up some Gatorade. We have all been there, when only the cool drops of Orange Gatorade make that mind blowing pain slowly creep away.

The night was just want the doctor ordered. Or in this case what my roommates and I ordered. I’m a NetFlix guy and was ecstatic that I had two never before seen (by me at least) movies at home waiting for me. That was my ordered portion of the evening. My roommates to it to a whole new level; after placing two separate orders to two different places they managed to amass one of the best post hang over meals ever. A medium size pie (that’s plain cheese pizza for you non New Yorkers) from the best place in the city, only few blocks away and…wait for it….wait for it…Cheese fries from Moon Struck Diner, right around the corner. The DVD we decided on was some Indie film by the title of “Happy Endings,” staring Lisa Kudrow and Maggie Gyllenhaal. I was a really well told story. It got 6 thumbs up from this particular audience. As you can probably tell from the elements that made last night, it was in fact a Happy Ending.

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