Sunday, February 12, 2006

A City in Silence

A City in Silence

Let it snow, let it snow!  The city is wearing one of her best costumes right now, even as I type these words.  We here in New York were supposed to get somewhere between 8 and 12 inches of snow.  Early this morning, I just made a quick trip to the deli for a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich and a cup of coffee.  I could clearly tell that the weather guys drastically under estimated the snow fall.  However, to no surprise every news station has already named this storm.  Some have gone with “Blizzard 06” while some decided on “Winter Blast 2006.”

I don’t care what they called it or how many times they interrupt regularly scheduled programming to remind people to “be careful” and to please dry off you kids when they come inside soaked from playing in the mounds of snow that have come to be on every street corner (what parents needs that reminder).  I for one love the city looks in her white gown.  Sure, the snow is beautiful especially in areas like Battery and Central park…but it’s more than the continuously falling flakes or the foot prints of brave “soles” that have walked before you…it’s the silence that is my favorite element of days like today.  

As being someone who is constantly engulfed in the city’s movements, sights, and sounds I’ve forgotten how loud it can be.  It’s not like walking down the street burst your eardrum. It’s just that it is constant sound, constant stimuli for your ears.  But right now and for hopefully another 12 hours, it’s simply silent.  There are very few buses and even fewer cabs and people to pollute the quietness of the streets right now.  My roommates opted to throw on the snow gear and head to central park.  A mission I gladly passed up for a little “me” time in front of the window, lap top in hand.  As I’m sure they’ll come back with great stories and even better pictures I’m completely content sitting in my ski lodge/apartment all day long.  

I’m struggling with something right now that I’m hoping you as my readers may give your opinion on…what’d you say?  Can you help a guy out?  As I’ve started writing this blog, I have found myself questioning just who knows about it.  I mean, I’m proud of what I’m writing…I am. I do really want the people who are in my day to day life to read, follow and listen to me through the blog but if by allowing them to read it, will I start to, if I haven’t already, start to censor myself?

This would be like giving someone a stack of photos to look through because you’re exciting about them and then realizing that there is a picture of you and their significant other in a compromising position somewhere in that stack…whoops!  

For example what if I was interested in a girl? A very special girl.  A girl who knows of the blog and may be a regular reader…what do I do at that point?  Continue to write, continue to let personal feelings fill the page as she reads each day’s entry?  Let her see my cards and then go all in…that’s a big gamble.  Say this was a movie…what a great way for “girl” to find out that “boy” has feelings for “girl”.  I can see it now, the movie’s title: A Boy, A Girl, and A Blog.

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