Saturday, February 11, 2006

Una Familia

For the second Friday in a row, it was easy street all night long. I didn’t really go out this week but work beat me up and had no mercy doing it. It seemed no matter how early I got in, I was running at full speed and trying to get the clock to stop, so I could try and catch my breath. The positive glimmer to come out of weeks like this one is how fast it comes and goes.

I went to an early evening movie last night with my roommates. This was a little unique for me because I’m a big fan of going to the movies and I’m usually flying solo. This small group dynamic was a bit different for me. I finally saw Munich, as I have wanted to since it hit the theatre. I realized the irony about going to see a film about the death of Olympic athletes on the very night the Winter Olympics open in Torino, Italy. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the movie. I knew very little of the entire tragedy that happened at the 1972 games. It was just another brilliant piece of work from Spielberg.

After the movie we went to a nice little place across the street from the theatre. It’s a funny little joint. It’s called Labella’s, it serves great pizza’s or at least they look great, I didn’t have any but the people I was with seemed to really enjoy them… So you’d think it’s an Italian restaurant, but they’ve got wings, and some other really atypical Italian dishes. That coupled with the worst music selections (early 90s R&B) and a disinterested waitress with an unidentifiable accent made it a different night out.

I slept in much later than I wanted to this morning. I was hoping to get up and about around 9, but after waking up a few times before and after 9, I slept until 11. Now that wouldn’t be too bad if I had gone a bender of mass proportion last night and rolled in around 5am, but I was asleep by midnight. I know toddlers who don’t need that much sleep. Oh well, I’m chalking it up to a long week.

Soon after I was awake I received a call from my mom. Not unusual for a Saturday morning. She’s nice enough to usually wait until late morning just in case I was out late the night before. Is she great or what? I noticed she had called last night while I was in the movie but decided not to call her back because it was a bit late and she didn’t leave a message. However, I should have…it was big news this morning. It looks as though my family, that being my mom, dad, and 15 year old brother are loadin’ up the truck and moving the state littered in Black Gold. That’s right they’re moving to Texas, Houston specifically. She’s been given a great opportunity with work to relocate and I couldn’t be more proud of her. The rest of the family too…it speaks volumes about the togetherness and understanding that runs though through our crew, our posse, our family. If I know anything at my young age, it’s that I would have a lot less, know a lot less, and be a lot less of a person if it were not for them…

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