Monday, April 03, 2006

Sunday Lovely Sunday

In what looked like a scene out of “You’ve Got Mail,” Central Park was a zoo yesterday. The temperature crept into the mid 70’s, a mercury level I had forgotten existed. I woke up an hour later than I wanted to, due to Day Light Saving Time (Something I never had used to have to worry about because Arizona as well as Indiana do not do Day Light Saving Time. Don’t believe me, look it up). I would have thought my cool, iHOME alarm clock would have adjusted itself, but I was wrong.

After doing something I loathe, cleaning of any sort, I entertained the idea of going to the place with the machines, the weights, the bikes, what’s it called again? Oh yeah, the gym. It’s been so damn long since I’ve been, I was worried I wouldn't remember what side of the street it was on…

In preparation for the trip to the place of iron pumping, I threw on some gym clothes, shorts nonetheless. After all, the sun was out, there was not a cloud in sight and I knew my body needed it. After all, summer, the beach, and other shirtless events would hopefully soon start to fill the calendar. After giving my room a nice clean, amassing what felt like 50 lbs in laundry, and even picking up the living room I was done playing Alice.

My roommate was out of the apartment earlier in the morning to do a 10k run through Central Park. Needless to say, he didn’t feel the need to wake me up to see if I wanted to give it a try. He walked in the door with not a single sign of tiredness, not a single drop of sweat on his brow. I on the other hand, wearing my gym clothes, looking as though I had worked out too, was loosing all physical motivation to head to the gym and jump on the a death trap know as the Elliptical.

“Hey mate, you fancy going up to Central Park, maybe throw a Frisbee?” (He’s English if you didn’t already know). I start thinking what…this guy just ran over 6 miles in the park and now he wants to go back to that very same park and throw a Frisbee (an activity I’m terrible at)? Is he mad?

“Sure, what the hell. It’s beautiful outside,” I said quickly after realizing it was the closest I was going to get to going to the gym today.

After a trip to Sports Authority to buy a Frisbee (they were out of them, apparently we were not the only people who had such a bright idea) we opted for a football instead. An American football that is, not a Soccer ball as he wanted to buy.

There was not an empty blade of grass in the park. There were balls of all sizes, disks, and even shuttlecocks flying through the air. (Why did that sound so dirty?) Singles, couples, friends, families, kids, babies, and just about everything in between walking, biking, and laying around the park. I had trouble throwing the football back and forth only because I was worried a foreign object was going to come flying out of no where, only to land right in the middle of my face. Needless to say, people-watching was the best sports activity that day.

After a quick shower back at the apartment it was time to head to Third and Long for a perfect ending to a great New York City Sunday. The bar was a bit more crowded than I thought and even more so than when I had walked by just a few hours ago. I only knew two people at the bar, a couple, and regular characters that make Sundays at 3&L my favorite day of the week. We had some drinks, ordered Thai food for dinner, and continued to laugh and bullshit into the evening. It was a good time, one that lasted longer than anticipated only because it got dark so much later. The three of us and of course the ever funny bartender made a nice little evening out of it all. Once they all started rolling through their mental rolodexes of single girlfriends to set me up with, I knew the night was about to get even funnier. One of the best lines came from the lovely lady of the couple “I’d set you up with some of my girlfriends, but I don’t like most of them.” Here we go again...

Thanks for listening


At 6:43 PM , Anonymous K. Rust said...

My fair state of Indiana is now on DST. AZ stands alone.

At 8:50 PM , Anonymous K. Rust said...

JSG, by far your most liesurly post. Excellent work. Though I might have taken a little poetic license and slipped a line in there about people were throwing babies. Always a crowd pleaser.


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