Tuesday, April 25, 2006

No Hair Below My Adam's Apple

Unfortunately this story is far less dramatic than the title would lead it to be. Call me the New York Post, but great headlines grab readers. I mean, it’s no “Wacko On His Backo” but you’re still reading aren’t you?

The focus group was much more normal and legit than I though it would be. I had planned on pages and pages of hilarity from the mere chance that the actual focus group could live up to the persona of the woman who recruited me. Sadly it was not.

But now down to the nitty gritty I’ve left running around my head this past week, instead of my pages., It’s my love life, or lack there of, that will be the object of humor seeing as though my “Male Grooming” Focus group proved to be nothing more than the easiest $75 I’ve ever made.

The summer is only six weeks away and that means two different, yet equally important birthdays are soon upon us. Mine is one of them, where I will have to change the description of this blog to a 25 year olds’ battles of the Big Apple. The second is more important and should be and probably will merit a much more grand celebration. On June 28th, 2006 I will raise a glass (shot, pint, wine or martini) in the air as I mark the completion of my second year in New York City.

I don’t know any other city or state that people remember the exact move date like people do with New York. If you ask most, especially those who were not raised, grew up, or went to school in the tri-state area, more times than not they will be able to tell you the exact date they embarked on the safari that is this concrete island.

A lot has changed in the time I’ve spent here in New York. I have changed in every way imaginable but hope that my core, my values, the meat and potatos that make me, me are still strong and as constant as they always have been. Sadly there is one element of my life that is the exact same…It is the same now as it was when I arrived, it is the same today as it was yesterday and the day before and the day before that and so on…I’m still single.

Now, in the grand scheme of things, that’s completely fine by me. Had you asked me two years ago if I would be single, I would have probably have not only said yes, but bet large sums of money on the fact that I would be. It has been for most of my adult life part of what makes me ‘Just Some Guy.’

However, as general as that pseudo name may be, I feel that I’m anything but that…I don’t think I’m one archetype or one male lead seen on a screen before now. That wouldn’t be any fun if we all fell into molds of the characters we so closely relate to on TV and in Film. We’d know how our story ended. We’d know that we end up with Carrie, or that we would confess our love to Sally on New Year’s Eve. As frustrating as falling for the wrong girls who never seem to give me a chance to fail or succeed, over and over again, I can honestly say that I’m not ready to jump to the last page of this book…not yet.

Thanks for listening


At 11:54 AM , Blogger Spicy Law Girl said...

AH thats sooo true -- I still rememeber the day of my flight last year, and I can't beleive I've "survived" almost a year here.

At 12:39 PM , Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

Welcome back, tiger! Your musings were missed.

"I'm still single" - you're kidding me with this one, right? Blah blah blah. At 24 teetering on the brink of 25, you're supposed to be single.

By the way, as I wrote your age...I started to feel REALLY old. Thanks, JSG. Now I need to go put a straw in my bottle of Grey Goose.

At 1:11 PM , Blogger Just Some Guy said...


Single as in not being with "the one" is what I want at this age. But why can't I even manage to get into a relationship that doesn't work out?

A couple of test drives or loaners before I decide to buy is all I'm asking for...

Now that you've got the booze, you just need Just Some Guy to come along to split the bottle with you!

Take care!

At 1:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

or SPIN the bottle with you...

Good Luck, mi amigo. she's out there. Why don't you give Dorothy another call? haha


At 4:55 PM , Anonymous Lauren Birnbaum said...

Hey. Nice blog! This may sound kind of stalkerish, but your mom and my dad used to work together and your mom told my dad to pass your blog on to me since I am moving to New York in a few months. I'm finishing up my degree in Dance from FSU up there as well as doing an internship. Well, just wanted to say hello!


At 5:40 PM , Blogger Just Some Guy said...

Not stalkerish at all...I'll have my mom send your dad my contact info...give me a call when you land in the city...Well not exactly when you're plane touches down...you get the point...Take care!

At 6:08 PM , Anonymous Rust said...

Dude, seriously. Do I need to come up there and have a booze-intervention? I will if I have to - don't test me.


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