Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Grounded Before Take Off

The location changed last minute but drinks were still on and I even brought my roommate along for a round of drinks. The weather started to drizzle as I began to hope that was not a sign of the evening to come…

The bar was one I had been to numerous times before (I know, surprise surprise) only because it was very close to my Improv studio. So at least I’d be familiar with my surroundings and know the lay of the land even if it were to be the only lay to come of last Wednesday night.

My roommate and I made our way to the back of the bar to find the lady of the evening sitting with a large group, maybe eight people or so, none of which I had ever met before. It was a long rectangular table and she was sitting in the about the same spot as Jesus at the last supper. That being said there was really no easy or subtle way to find myself setting next to the very girl I’d come to see…

No worries though, there was room at the end of the table where my roommate and I decided to set up camp. And to our pleasant surprise there was a beautiful girl sitting towards the end of the table placed directly between the object of my instant messages and myself.

As it turned out this dark skinned, dark curly haired seating buddy was a very good friend of the very girl I had come to see. We started with small talk and she seemed interesting and actually works in the same industry. After only a few minutes another guy showed up…a good looking guy, wearing a Boston Red Sox’s Tee Shirt, a big deal normally as we are in New York, but an even bigger deal as those Sox’s were playing the beloved Bronx Bombers!

As the bean town boy walked in, he just as Moses did before him, parted the red sea (the long rectangular table) and pulled up a spot right next to you know who. Now a couple of thoughts started to run through my mind at this point. 1, who the fuck is this guy 2, how did I get this wrong again, 3, who the fuck is this guy?

Once again I some how managed to be a blundering fool when it comes to interpreting signs, words, body language, text, IM’s, and even smoke signals when they come from the opposite sex. But the good news about this latest case of mistaken-I-think-she-likes-me was there was very little time, effort and not a single dollar behind it.

So the question now is after spending all night with her friend, is she fair game, is she open waters seeing as though not a single touch, word, or even an admittance of any sort was shared between my original interest? Let me know what you think…

Thanks for listening


At 1:13 PM , Blogger Another twentysomething said...

Hmmmm. For what it's worth, here's my girl-pinion. She asked you to join her friends after flirty encounters. Likelihood she wanted to find "another guy friend": low, because that's easy, requires little effort. Guy at work? Friend. Neighbor? Friend. But guy she IMs and asks to join her? ... I would call her asking if she had a good time and say something like, "I didn't get to see much of you!" and gauge her reaction. If she's tepid, let her be. But I wouldn't bring up her hottie friend unless its clear she meant to set you up. Hope that helps!

At 1:44 PM , Blogger Just Some Guy said...

Today, we IM'd a few business issues before she started asking about my west coast trip. There were a few more lines of small talk before I brought up her friend. I simply said "your friend outside of being absolutely beautiful was like a walking baseball almanac" and that "I was very impressed"

Interestingly enough, she offered no info about her friend...is she jealous, is she a bad friend, what gives?

At 2:21 PM , Blogger Paige Jennifer said...

Just go for whatever your little heart desires. If she really cared about you chumming up with her galpal, you would have known. Fangs, claws and snippy comments would have been present. Or she would have just gotten up and peed a circle around you thereby claiming you as hers.

Forget analysis, what on earth do you have to lose by shmoozing the lovely lady friend???? Stop being a gentleman and just be a guy.

At 11:17 AM , Blogger Another twentysomething said...

She may be jealous. It’s the language all girls secretly speak, admitted or not. It’s as simple as what Sophie Kinsella calls the Manhattan once-over: Sizing up a girl as competition for dating prey. With friends, it is a balance between friend and dating foe on the playing field. If this IM girl is playing dating hardball under the smoke of business talk, and not responding at all to your Q’s about her baseball-savvy friend-ess, she may be in competition mode. For you! (Fun thought, but the situation’s no less complicated, I know).


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