Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Made In The Midwest

Well we continued to chat and it was absolutely effortless. There was no “is she looking over my shoulder at the guys behind me?” there was no “is this girl ever going to shut up?”. As we moved from subject to subject she even offered me what was left of her little snack. She had brought some pre cut cheese (notice she didn’t cut the cheese) and fruit she had been nibbling on all day long. I of course decided it would be the closest form of rudeness to turn down this picnic cuisine.

All of the sudden it was like I hadn’t even come up to the park like by myself. At this point it was a little after 6 and the sun looked as though it was just starting to think about heading down but still shining brightly. April was in fact from the Midwest, Chicago no less. (If New York is my wife, Chicago is my Mistress) She had been in the city for a few months so was lucky enough to show up just in the time for the good stuff.

She certainly carried herself well and had that warm Midwest feeling but looked any but the sorts. She was small in stature, as she had a cute pair of khaki shorts on with a black bikini top. As the sun had been beating down on every blade of grass all day long, I was a big supporter of this look. There were 100’s of other girls in their bathing suits, but were wearing both top and bottom. Now coming from Florida, the idea of wearing a bathing suit, top and bottom mind you, with out a single body of water, albeit a pool, lake, channel, or ocean, in sight just seems a bit ridiculous.

As it turns out April works in PR for the medical industry…A job she has openly admitted she’s not too fond of but it was paying her well and it got her to New York. I had to laugh because only moments later she was going over what she liked and disliked about the job so far when her phone rang. Now, normally a phone ringing would not be worth mentioning let along claiming to be a funny act however this time it was different. As if her phone was plugged into an amp her ring filled the parks air with…of all songs and customized songs…The Chicken Dance.

As my hand flew into the hair to emulate two clucking chickens she started to laugh and turn bright red simultaneously. She went on to explain that a friend of hers had downloaded it and set it as her ring a few days ago and she hadn’t remember to change it yet because every time it went off the embarrassment of it all acted like that little gadget in Men In Black and she go tearing through her bag trying to find it only to answer as quickly as possible.

There is something to be said that confidence and the ability to laugh at yourself are a deadly combination. The two, if used properly (why does it sound like I’m writing in a Science Journal) really keep each in check. I only hope she does have both because so far, soooooo good!

Almost done, will finish the evening later today!

Thanks for listening


At 2:56 PM , Anonymous Rust said...


Great post - that is a midwest girl through and through. I don't care what anyone says, the girls from that part of the world are my absolute favorite. I've had the opportunity to run around with girls from all over the country and parts of europe but everytime I meet a girl from the midwest I remember why I tend to only date girls from that neck of the woods.



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