Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Diving Encouraged

There is not a clear cut straight path to follow anymore. I gave that up weeks ago. There are no nicely painted signs showing exactly how much farther to the next destination. Hell, I don’t even have those lights that will illuminate in the case of an emergency directly me to the closest exit! (Don’t forget the closest exit may be behind you)

I supposed that’s one of the biggest changes I’ve had to accept with the new the life choice I’ve made. Sure, there are thousands of books and probably just as many experts offering their advice and expert opinions of how to get where I want to go…It’s not like I’m following a junior leadership program set up by the top management, all the time knowing I’m on the right track for success. That luxury ended just as fast as my former company’s contribution to my 401(k).

I have to admit it’s equally as excited as it is scary. My time in the corporate world was great, I did really enjoy it, up until the very end…It always came natural to me. How to act, how to carry myself, what to say, what not to say, it was all pretty easy. I think the biggest factor behind that was growing up with my mom playing the role of Mrs. Corporate America.

The story is a bit different now. Talk about uncharted waters. I have jumped into a world that is about as foreign to me as Christmas carols are to the Jihad! I’m guess the plan is to just keep searching, reading, asking, anyone, anything I can get a hold of to try and gain more knowledge about this industry. I guess I could continue to bullshit my way through this chapter in life too, but that might start to run out…

Thanks for listening


At 12:14 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've got some balls. Honestly, we would all love to drop everything and do what we really want to do. Instead most of us just go through the motions to live uncomfortably. We settle. Either we've gone to far to stop now, or we feel like this what we should be doing-whether we're good at it-or if it pays well. Keep going for what you feel you will love doing. And for the guy that warned you against becoming Dr. Phil? Look where Dr. Phil is.
P.s. No offence-think outside the box-few people are going to notice just some guy out there.

At 11:23 AM , Blogger Just Some Guy said...

Thanks for your encouragement and support who ever you might be...Keep coming back and I'll keep writing!


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